Infinity 3D

POV-Ray SDL support status

1.03 / 09 Feb 2021

Not supported (non-exhaustive list):

  • Shapes that are not supported by Infinity 3D such as lathe and prism
  • POV-Ray Functions
  • Intersection CSG operation
  • #switch statement
  • text statement
  • arrays
  • difference/union statements inside difference
  • torus inside difference
  • File I/O directives
  • Non-perspective cameras
  • bounded_by / clipped_by statements
  • Boolean operators ‘&’ and ‘|’
  • String functions such str() and concat()
  • #include as object parameter

Supported material parameters:

  • Pigment color 
  • specular and roughness parameters inside Finish

All other pigments are are interpret as gray material and other Finish parameters are ignored.

NOTE: Unsupported statements are skipped with a warning


Added support for macros, .x .y .z notation and local