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Real-time ray tracing render engine

Real-time ray tracing 3D graphics render engine for visualizations and games.

CPU based technology. SDK and a demo available. Available soon as a render engine addon for Blender 3D software.

Standout features

Real-time ray traced 3D geometry

Direct ray tracing of patches that closely approximate subdivision limit surface, primitives and constructive solid geometry. Smooth geometry that scales better and is easier to use for 3D artist than standard tesselation technique. Smooth, detailed, sharp and lifelike 3D geometry every frame.

Sportscar interior real-time ray traced patches Sportscar interior 70k smooth shaded triangles

Real-time ray traced shadows

Intricate, detailed, clean, dynamic, stable and accurate shadows. Drastic image quality improvement compared to standard shadow mapping technique.

Mansion render with ray-traced shadows Mansion render with shadow mapping shadows

Real-time ray traced transparency

Basic glass and tree leaves without sorting and other issues of standard alpha blending technique.

Restaurant interior render

Real-time ray traced camera visibility

Demo editor and SDK available

Demo editor is a downloadable tech demo. Visualization SDK allows to embed Infinity 3D as a real-time viewport, instant high quality image renderer and fast animation renderer into products. Simple to use engine alternative over e.g. complex Vulkan / Metal based implementations.

Infinity 3D editor Windows 10 screenshot

Tech introduction video

Video shows real-time rendering with Infinity 3D render engine running on 12-core CPU.

Sportscar interior

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