Support for real-time ray traced dynamic shadows

July 29, 2019 | News

Support has been added to the engine for real-time ray traced dynamic shadows. This feature completes the initial feature set of Infinity 3D engine which is estimated to get released before the end of 2019.

Hard real-time ray traced shadows are supported for a spotlight light source which also works as a kind of directional light source when placed further away.

The difference in image quality between standard shadow mapping technique and ray tracing is quite drastic for hard shadows. This is because even the smallest details cast accurate shadows, there are no visible "peter panning" issues, there are no pixelated and blurred shadow edges and shadow movement is not jittery.

Like primary ray tracing, shadow ray tracing runs smoothly in real-time in Infinity 3D.

Some support was also added for shadow mapping shadows which can run faster for example when using static shadows or when using low shadow map resolution.

New first release date estimate for the engine and editor is now before the end of 2019. Considering that there is now very little missing from programming perspective it should be a very realistic goal.

23 May 2020 update: Image updated.

Below is a render of subdivision surfaces sportscar now with ray traced shadows (click for full resolution image):

Sportscar render news