Privacy policy

Last updated June 11, 2022


This website uses non-cloud based Matomo tracker to track visitors anonymously without personally identifiable information. IP addresses are anonymized and cookies are not used for tracking. Collected data is used to improve this website and to help to develop and commercialize Infinity 3D technologies. No data is shared with any 3rd parties.

You can opt out of all anonymous tracking by enabling "do not track me" feature for this website in your web browser. Alternatively, you can use the form below to set up a cookie that disables all anonymous tracking on this website.

Using submit email form, your email is stored and is used for direct communication about Infinity 3D products. Collected emails are not shared with any 3rd parties. When emails are sent they include a feature to opt out from future communications after which your email is removed from the database.

Infinity 3D editor

Privacy statement: The program does not collect any information about its usage.

Security statement: No other software is installed along with the program and the program does not attempt to make any network connections.

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